Garret Whitney
Certified Advanced Rolfer

What Garret's clients have to say…

Garret Whitney,
Certified Advanced Rolfer

Being in the same vocation as Garret I am very careful and very picky about who works on me. I have found Garret to be the very best. He knows where to go and how to help when there is an issue. He is also kind and extremely knowledgeable. He gives over a 100% in the treatment. I would and do highly recommend him. — H.E., Waltham

Garret Whitney is a true master at his craft. He knows intuitively and through long experience just what to do, where to do it, how much to do it, all in full communication with you. I always leave more relaxed, centered and energized. If he were not available, I really don’t know what I’d do. — J.B., Concord — J.B., Concord

When massage therapy, chiropractic, and Advil did little to alleviate a running related back problem, I tried the Rolfing Ten-Series with Garret. Although popular media often portrays Rolfing as painful, I was surprised and pleased to discover that my body felt “expanded” after my first session with Garret. This post-treatment feeling was positive, not painful. During the session itself, I perceived the work as “doing something,” and, at worst, some minor discomfort was intermittently involved. The results were well worth this occasional transient feeling of “less than nice.” After 10 sessions, I was able to pick up my running where I left off, with my long term problem just a memory. — A.D., Lincoln

I've been seeing Garret for over 20 years. I call my sessions "tune-ups" because that's exactly what they are. No matter how tensed up, stiff and achy my body gets between sessions, I leave his table with renewed flexibility and energy. My shoulders are no longer upto my ears and without fail, I leave his office almost 2 inches taller than when I walked in. — E.D., Winchester

Garret Whitney is a godsend for aging athletes like myself. For over 25 years, Garret's work on my body has allowed me to continue to do the physical things that I have enjoyed for a life time. Without his very knowlegable and professional skill, I would have not been able, for instance, to completely heal a herniated disk this past summer. And that was only his latest victory! There have been so many others over the years. — J.P., Salem

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