Garret Whitney
Certified Advanced Rolfer

Rolfing is a unique body-mind therapy that reshapes the body by loosening, straightening, lengthening, and balancing it to improve its function, structure, resilience. Since Rolfing is genuinely holistic in its intentions and effects—treating
the body as a whole system rather than focusing solely on symptoms—its results are unusually wide-ranging and long-lasting.



Ida Rolf with a young client

Specific benefits of Rolfing include...

  • Decreased or eliminated chronic musculoskeletal pain,
  • Decreased chronic tension,
  • Greatly improved posture,
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion,
  • Improved coordination, balance, and athletic performance,
  • Increased energy and sense of well-being,
  • Enhanced ability to recover from injuries,
  • Improved patterns of body use,
  • Resolution of past physical or emotional trauma,
  • Psychological and emotional growth.

About Garret Whitney...

I'm a Certified Advanced Rolfer with thirty-seven years of experience, a member of both the Rolf Institute and the Guild for Structural Integration. I invite you to read the attached article, which tells more about Rolfing and a bit about me.

Please feel free to email or call me with your questions or thoughts, or—if you'd like—to schedule an initial session or free consultation. I see clients in Watertown and Concord, Massachusetts.

Rolfing commonly helps...
back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip or leg pain, wrist pain, sciatica, pelvic misalignment and functional short-leg, joint restrictions, foot and knee problems, chronic tension, scoliosis, hunched shoulders, swayback, misalignment of body segments, headaches, repetitive stress injuries, carpal tennis syndrome, TMJ problems, difficulty experiencing or expressing emotions.

Contact me at...

(978) 505-5272

Watertown Office
158A Belmont St.
Watertown, MA 02472

Concord Office
296 Heath's Bridge Road
Concord, MA 01742

Cost: $190 / 90 minute session

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